Scent List

Our candles are made from the highest quality wax (never use fillers or recycled wax). All votives are sprinkled with our organic herbal mixture. Just the right amount of the highest quality "undiluted" oils are used to create a long burning candle,holding the scent for the life of the candle.

Votives, tealights and jar candles are made with a low melt wax that turns into a liquid,we use all natural zink wicks than can easily be recentered if needed and always hold their shape. No Lead wicks used.

Type Unscented, if you desire no scent
Almond (Almond)
Amber Light Gold (Amber)
Amoretta Coffee (Tan)
Ambrosia (Lt. Yellow)
Angel (White)
Apple Blossom(Pale Pink)
Apple Jack (Red)
Apple(McIntoch)(Dk.Red) New!
Apple Pie(Green)New!
Apple Spice (Green)
Avocado (Dark Green)
Baby Powder (White) New!
Baked Bread (Lt. Tan)
Bailey's Irish Cream (Cream)
Banana Nut Bread (Gold)
Basil (Green)
Bayberry (Green)
Beautiful Type (White)
Bergamot (Cranberry)*
Birthday Cake (Cream)
Blackberry (Dk. Burgundy) New!
Blueberry Cheese Cake (Dk.Blue)
Bluebonnet(Medium Blue)
Butter Cookie (Lt. Cream)
Butterscotch (Gold)
Cake Bake (Beige)
Carmel (Tan)
Cedar (Tan)
Chamomile (Pale Yellow)*
Champagne Type (Tan)
Cherry Vanilla (Red)
Chocolate (White)
Chocolate Carmel(Brown)New!
Chocolate Covered Cherry
Chocolate Strawberry (White)
Chloe Type (White)
Christmas Spice (Red)
Cinnamon (Cinnamon)
Cinnamon Bunn (Brown)
Citronella (Yellow)*
Clove (Brown)
Coco Type (white) New!
Coconut Custard(cream)
Coffee (Dark Brown)
Cotton Blossom(White)
Cranberry (Cranberry)
Cranberry Cream (Red)
Cranberry-Orange Spice (Dk.Red) New!
Cream Brulee(Tan) New!
Creamsicle (Orange)
Cucumber (Dark Green)
Eucalyptus (Lt.Teal Green)*
Eucalyptus Spice (Teal) New!*
Eggnog (White)
Fig (Brown) New!
Forget-Me-Not (Lt Mauve)
Frankincense (Dark Brown)
Frangipani (Pink)
Freesia (Light Lime Green)
Fresh Sheets (White)
Gardenia (Pale Mint Green)
Geranium (Light Mauve)
Georgio Type (Pale Blue)
Ginger Peach (Peack) New!
Gingerbread (Dk. Brown)
Ginseng(Moss Green)*
Good Luck (Orange)
Graham Cracker Cookie (Brown) New!
Grapefruit Pink (Pink)New!
Grape (White)
Grassy Meadown (Green) New!
Hazelnut (Lt. Tan)
Heliotrope (Green) New!*
Herbal Delight (Purple)*
Herbal Mint (White)*
Hollyberry (Dark Red)*
Honey Spice Cream (White) New!
Honeysuckle (Gold)
Honeysuckle Lemon (Pale Yellow)
Hot Stuff (Red)
Hyacinth (Light Purple)
Hydrangea (Blue)
Inspriration (White) New!
Jasmine (Medium Yellow)
Just for Me (Pink)
Juniper (Dk.Purple) New!
Kahula & Cream (Dk. Brown)
King's Gift (Gold)
Scents 3 wise man gave.
Kiwi (Green)
Kumquate (White) New!
Lavender/Herbal (Lavender)*
Lavender/French (Violet)*
Lavender-Rose (Magenta) New!*
Leather (Tan)
Lemon Grass (Lt. Green)
Lemon Herbal Blend (Yellow)* New!
Lemon Verbena (Lt. Cream)*
Licorice (White)*
Lilac (Purple)
Lily of the Valley(White)
Lime (Green) New!
Love Spell (Red)
Love and Marriage (Pink) New!
Magic (Violet)
Magnolia Herbal Blend (Pale Green)New !
Magnolia (White)
Mango (Red)
Melon (Lt. Green)
Midnight Rose (White)
Patchouli blend for romance
Mother Earth (Brown)
My special patchouly blend.
Mulberry (Red)
Myrrh (Gold Brown)
Mystic Rose (Pink)
Nag Champa (Pale Violet) New!
Nasturtium (Med. Orange)
Nutmeg (Light Brown)
Ocean Mist (Teal)
Orange Blossom(yellow)New!*
Orange Spice (Dk.Burnt Orange)
Orchid (Light Pink)
Oriental Spice (Red)
Passion Fruit (Purple) New!
Patchouly (Dark Tan)*
Patchouly Magic(Brick Red)New!*
Wonderful mixture with Sandlewood and more!
Patchouly Spice (Med.Brown) New!
Peach (Peach)
Peach Cobbler (Dark Peach)
Peaches & Cream (Peach)
Pecan (Brown)
Peony (Med. Pink) New!
Pepper Spice(White)New!*
Wonderful Spicy Scent!
Peppermint Patty (White)
Pine (Green)
Pineapple Coconut Cream (Med.Yellow)New!
Pinon Pine (Green)
Plumeria (Rose)
Plum Pudding (Dk. Brown)
Pomegranate (Bright Yellow)
Potpourri (Indigo)
Pumpkin Spice (Dk.Orange)
Praline & Cream (Lt. Tan)
Quite Time (Pale Gold) New!
Calming herbal blend.
Rain (Medium Blue)
Rainy Meadow (Green) New!
Raspberry (Dk. Red)
Red Current(Dk.Red)New!
Riches (Money Green)
Scents used for abundance.
Rootbeer Float(Dark Brown)New!
Rose (Dark Burgundy)
Rosemary (Dark Purple)*
Sage (Green)*
Sandalwood (Sand)
Sandlewood Spice (Tan) New !
Scent of Texas (Dk. Blue)
Secret Garden (Rose Red)New!
Snicker Doodle (Carmel)
Spice Cookie (Brown)
Spice of Life (Tan)
Spiced Pear (Lt. Green)
Stargazier Lily (Pale Pink) New!
Strawberry (Strawberry)
Strawberry Shortcake (Red)
Sugar Cookie (Tan)
Sunflower (Yellow)
Sweet Pea (Bright Pink)
Tangerine Treat (Lt. Tangerine) New!
Three O'clock Pick Me Up (Red Orange)
To Sexy (Orange-Red)New!Tomato Leaf (Red)New!
Tomato Leaf (Red) New !
Tuber Rose (White)
Unscented (White)
Vanilla (Parchment)
Vanilla Spice (Beige)
Vanilla (French) - (Off White)
Vanilla (French) Spice Cream
Vanilla Spice Rose
Victoria Rose (Mauve)
Vintage Wine (Off-White)
Wine & Roses (Burgundy)
Wishes (White)
Wisteria (Pale Violet)
Wood rose (Red)
Ylang-Ylang (Gold)
* Herb Scent  

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